Reasons Become Vegan

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Now a day, many classes of mankind turn to vegan diet for many reasons. Many become vegan because of compassion, health benefits, environment, ect.. “We are Love. We are divine. We are compassion. We are all the best in the universe. It’s just we forget.” by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Our planet is in deep trouble and need us to turn around by simply become vegan. Read “From Crisis To Peace” by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Currently there are over 60 percent of world population are turn to vegan diet according to Supreme Master Ching Hai. Joint us to save our planet and billions of live on earth. We have celebrities (do you know major Hollywood celebration parties – Oscar and Golden Glove – are now vegan events). We have many athletes from NFL, NBA, Baseball, ect. are on vegan diet. Below are individuals from various groups become plant based vegan. You can joint us to live a live God intends for us to live. Let joint together to save Earth and billions lives on our planet Earth simply by GO VEGAN. Please take time to read “Words of Wisdom” by Supreme Master Ching Hai on this site.

Celebrities are vegan

Athletes are vegan

Vegan game changers

Vegan Chefs

Vegan Physicians

Kids are vegan