Objective 1:

A new project to make paradise vegan on earth has been established. We are asked to spread veganism on the planet earth to help renew our planet – Vegan Earth. An additional 50 percent of currently 30 percent vegan population on the planet need to adapt vegan lifestyle for the project vegan earth becomes reality. There are few objectives need to be in place. We ask all human want to save our planet for help to save earth.

Help spread veganism for human: please convince your family, friends, and co-worker to adapt plant-base vegan diet. Organize cooking classes, post plant base vegan recipes on social media platforms.

Objective 2:

Help accommodate an environment for wild animal people that are pure vegan to expand their population. These naturally vegan animal people include: rabbit, squirrel, pigeon, wild birds, small fish on vegetation diet, cow, deer, goat, donkey, etc..