Be Vegan – Make Peace

RECOMMEND READING: “FROM CRISIS TO PEACE“. This is the only way to solve our earthly crises. God will bless us if we adopt a plant-based diet. Imagine if there is no killing of any being, whether man, animal, trees, insects, etc..

By Supreme Master Ching Hai

“We are love. We are divine. We are all the best in the universe. It’s just we forget”

“Survival pressure and the allure of temptation of this world challenge and confuse our mind, taking up all our strength and reason, while leaving us not much time at all to even remember our God’s power within or to even know that it exists”

“If we do not know the source of our being, then we do not live according to the cosmic law, and that makes trouble for us…
And when we return to id, or at least we tune in with it, our life is in more harmony with the cosmic whole, and therefore we are happy.”

“We are too busy, too for daily survival, working, we have no time to do research, so we did not know that these things are truly poisonous to us.”

“Because of livestock, it triggers methane gas from all sides: from the river bed or from the permafrost, from the bed of the ocean, from the mountains, from the dying forests and even living forests, alive forests, if the atmosphere is too hot, the forests also cannot absorb CO2 and they could even release CO2 themselves as well. So we are surrounded by trouble.”

“If any planet has harbored or practiced such a (meat-eating) lifestyle, they will also have to face the threat of extinction like what we are facing right now. We only need to look at our own neighboring planets, Mars and Venus, to see that the vision is bleak, is disastrous, if we don’t make the right coice, the right change now.”

“One day, I meditated and suddenly I was startled by some real grave images and information that came flooding in. There’s methane gas, there is carbon dioxide, there will be catastrophic consequences from the meat industry.”

“The animals come to this planet with a special role. Many of them are able to bring down divine power from Heaven, or love, just through their presence.”

“We lose more and more of the quality of love as we generate more hatred and competitiveness and jealousy into the atmosphere that we live. So more animals have to incarnate into our planet in order to help us balance that. But now we’re killing many of them almost every day. Two, three hundred species and lost every day and they will not come back. Even if they wanted to, they will not be allowed to come back. That’s why we see so many animals extinct. The endangered species or the already extinct, we will never see them again because they came here to help, but we harmed them instead. So, Heaven will not allow them to return. And the less animals, the less love atmosphere on our planet, and also if we generate more hatred the way we live, then we’ll be in trouble”

“The root of our problem is that we have been unkind to our co-inhabitants: the living, feeling, walking, acting, loving beings, like animals of all sizes and shapes.”

“As pure humans, the children of God, we are under direct connection with the light, with the mighty Master power of the commanding center of the universe. We have absolute command over all under Heaven, because we were pure, and we’re children of God. But we keep putting different elements into our beings, even phusically, it will affect our spiritual structure as well. Because we became mix-ling, mixing and mixing structure, not pure, we became hybrid, vulnerable to attach from the dark force, because we are not pure anymore.”

Whenever we eat meat, it is unavoidable that some of the hatred, anger and frustration in the animal’s heart caused when it departed, will be imprinted upon our consciousness, and then we will feel uneasy inside. Therefore, when we sleep at night we have nightmares, when animal see us they are frightened of us and run away. And when we are sick, it is difficult to heal ourselves because of all this hatred, this angry atmosphere which hangs around the meat that we eat.”

“You see, eating animal flesh, meaning we are decreasing our love in our being, from our structured, holy structure. We are born from God, we were holy, we were true children of God. But if we eat the animals, then the mixing of blood type and genetic code between human and animals make us lose our status as the crown of creation, as true human.”

“Karma means ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ If you kill, you will get killed, that is the meaning of karma. If we hit someone, later we will get beaten. That is called karma.”

“All great religions talk about the law of karma. If not, why would they preach and ask us to be kind if our action had no consequences? That is why the laws of karma and reincarnation are mentioned in all the great religions. Sometimes it is more clearly explained, other time it is implied. Our laws have been created to protect the order of society, and there are also universal laws to look after the order and the well-being of all the creatures of the universe. We do not only live in a country, we are also citizens of the universe and each nation is similar to a mansion. We must there fore know the universal laws and if we respect them, they will protect us from experiencing lower levels of existence.”

“Eating meat is the biggest cruelty one can ever commit event to ourselves. Even if we don’t kill the animals ourselves, we are still responsible for their deaths.”

“It’s not the technical problem; it’s not the technical reparation we have to concentrate on. It’s the retribution, the cause and retribution that we have to pay attention to.”

“As soon as we erase this bad retribution from the killing effect, the Earth will turn around, will be allow to repair, reproduce and sustain live again. It’s all come around about the bad karma. We overload her capacity, the Earth, so we have to reverse our actions. That’s all there is to it.”

“We should be in coordination with the universal energy, the loving law of nature. If humanity does not respect other forms of life, then the life of human will also be in peril, because we are all interconnected.”

” ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ ‘Like attracts like.’ Scientifically speaking, spiritually speaking, we have been warned. So, All the disasters that have happened around the world, of course, are connected with the human unkindness to the co-inhabitants. That was the price we have to pay for what we have done to the innocents who have done us no harm.”

“80% of the global warming will be stopped if all people begin to be vegetarian.”

“If the world were to go 100% vegetarian right now, the good effect of it would be seen within more or less 60 days.”

“Something like love is not to be prove by chemical stuff or mathermatics stuff, but it has the invisible abstract component. I quote exactly her (the Goddess of Love) words. ‘Love has the component to dissove calamity.’ I quote exactly what she told me in the vision.”

“Our thinking, our action, has to send out message to the universal energy that we want a better planet; we want a safer life; we want a saved world. Then the universal energy will do just that.”

“One small step from everyone in the right direction can result in a big leap in our evolution as human race. And that small step is very simple. It’s just: No killing, Abiding by the principle of ‘Live and let live’, adhering to the universal law where we grant life to beget life.”

“We have to take action now. All the governments in the world must take action or else we’ll be all gone And I don’t think any good parent would like to imagine their children or their grandchildren be burnt in such an inferno like that. They have to be vegan NOW!”

“Meat is the cause of all wars and suffering in this world, as well as in your personal self. To refrain from meat is to contribute peace to this planet. If we terminate the cause of killing, we will not reap the result of being killed or being wounded.”

“So much suffering, so much medication, so much blood tests and x-rays and operation and all that. All this doesn’t even guarantee that our life will be save due to the way we don’t treat ourselves kindly, due to the way that we are taking poison for food.”

“Please, everyone, wake up, wake up now. Please wake up and help us to save ourselves and the children in the future and all the animals on this planet.”

“Humans are naturally more generous and peaceful in their heart; it’s just that we all have been misinformed, misunderstood for a long, long, long time.”

“We are human, children of God. We don’t go an harass little chickens. We don’t hook the fish and make him scream in the air. We don’t crowd the pigs in and make them sick and suffering, and then blame them for the sickness… A child of God doesn’t go around killing, murdering other defenseless creatures.”

“Love your neighbors; love everyone else; love the animals. When we love, we don’t harm. When we love, we don’t kill. The only religion is Love. One simple solution is Love, that’s it. We have to follow our heart.”

“It’s not difficult to change all this. We will just have to return to our original, loving self because that’s what we are.”

“We have to show love in a grander scale, not just romantic love for our family members – we should keep that, because every kind of love is sacred. Every kind of love will emit some beautiful positive energy to protect us, and to protect loved ones and something around us. So if each one of us gives more love into the surrounding, extend it, like more, a little mit further than family, and enough of that love, that will make up for the 100% love power needed to dissolve the greates threat to our survival.”

“If you go veg, if you go green, if you do good deeds, you help others because you want to save the lives of other beings on Earth, then you have a saintly quality. You reawaken you holiness. It’s not just about saving the physical planet and the physical lives. It’s also about how great you are for wanting to do so and actually partaking in this life-saving crusade.”

“Since time immemorial, evolution always begins with the individual. If we want to change the World, we change ourselves first.”

“I see love growing in different ways. These signs might be still insignificant now, but they are like the sparks of fire, that will soon turn to mighty flames, that will cinder past ignorance and hatred, and make a new beginning of a nobler and saintlier race on Earth.”

“The time has come for us to change, evolve, grow and stand tall as the rightful crown of creation, the benevolent rulers and protectors, and Heaven’s children on Earth. Together, let us make the unprecedented leap to the Golden Era, to the time of compassion, harmony, kindness and true peace that awaits us. I know that we can do it.”

“Through our leap in this evolution, we can leave this existence of want and fear, toward a true life of peace an love and enlightenment – From the vicious cycle of killing, suffering, and violence to a circle of loving kindness, protection, and happiness.”

“The inner peace that comes from replacing killing with respect for all life will spread like a wave across the glove, elevate human hearts and create a harmonious Eden on Earth. That will bring us all to lasting Golden Era.”

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Imagine a happy life on Earth without pain and suffering of all beings. Joint the vegan movement and make Earth a heavenly planet for generations to come.